Bio: I've always been awkward at first impressions, but here goes! I have a LOT of different names, but I mostly get called M.E. I'm still currently at college majoring in history (particularly that of print culture in the Early Modern Period in Europe and the New World) and minoring in fine art. I first started blogging for a religion in politics class, which got a little controversial, but was so worth it! I can't pass a dog on the sidewalk without petting it. Because I love them too much. Music is complicated with me. Heavy metal is my life, but how can I resist the sweet melodious voice of Julie Andrews?! And c'mon, Rhianna. Just sayin'. I have a soft spot for animé, even if it is a little weird and confusing. My favorite personal shortcoming is that apparently I'm like Chris Farley when I'm passionately angry. Works for me! Finally, I absolutely love books. I carry one with me all the time. Adventure, mystery, biography, sci-fi, romance, philosophy, anything, you name it. I can't get enough of them! The best feeling in the world is to walk into a small bookstore and smell the books.

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